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TelWin 6.09 | TEL-STER Sp. z o.o.

May 6, 2019 the version 7.00 TelWin SCADA system has been published. You can use the system in the English language version. We invite you to download the version in the section: Products -> TelWin SCADA.  

Minimum operating system: Windows Vista / 2009 Server. System TelWin SCADA 5 is not supported.


What's new?


TelWin SCADA | TEL-STER Sp. z o.o. | YouTube channel


TelWin SCADA - moduł TelView

Vizualization's client TelView

  • extended support for the multi-monitor environment
  • It was possible to drag the schema area with a map background without changing its size
  • It was possible to define the absolute path to the OSM map file and the shape file
  • It was possible to define a global print grid with the schema size
  • Allow changing the font name in the font configuration window
  • Writing / reading the appearance and layout of windows according to many definitions
  • Dynamic number of layers, the ability to remove and add new layers (up to 150)
  • Aggregate list of archival events.
TelWin SCADA - serwer AlSrv

Alarm server  AlSrv

  • Define multiple notification devices of one type
  • Defining the suffix for incrementing a variable
  • Counter displaying the number of characters when editing the variable name
TelWin SCADA - serwer TelSrv

System server TelSrv

  • Define multiple notification devices of one type
  • Counter displaying the number of characters when editing the variable name
TelWin SCADA - moduł PTM

Module PTM

  • Enables searching in the list of links
TelWin SCADA - serwer TelSrv


  • Added map scale up / down buttons next to the map move buttons
  • The position of the map navigation buttons in the .ini file has been enabled
TelWin SCADA - serwer GMSrv


  • Archived data reading has been added to the lines (function 0x28).
TelWin SCADA - sterownik MTPDrv


  • New Mini Trans Plus controller for remote monitoring and control of cathodic protection.


Installing the latest version of TelWin SCADA® 6.09.0 requires reinstallation of the TelWin WebInterface subsystem.

Particular attention should be paid to the subsystem-specific application pool in IIS, which must point to the .NET Framework v4.5.2 or newer.

The TelWin SCADA Eng system installers are exclusively English GUI. After installing the system, the documentation is available in the form of CHM and PDF files in Polish. The WebInterface Eng subsystem installer has an English GUI, all messages generated in the subsystem are translated into English.