TelWin 6.07 | TEL-STER Sp. z o.o.

January 23, 2018 the version 6.07 of the TelWin SCADA system has been published. You can use the system in the English language version. We invite you to download the version in the section: Products -> TelWin SCADA.  

Minimum operating system: Windows Vista / 2008 Server. System TelWin SCADA 5 is not supported.


What's new?


TelWin SCADA | TEL-STER Sp. z o.o. | YouTube channel


TelWin SCADA | TEL-STER Sp. z o.o.


  • Language versions
TelWin SCADA - moduł TelView


  • Data import into schemas from CSV, TXT, XML, Excel files
  • Dynamically positioned "popup" scheme
  • List of alarms - mechanism of negation for the filter
  • Archiving schemes - adding the generator's date and last name
  • Measurement: Display of time for unknown values
  • Archiving information about generating schema versions with report data
  • Positioning of windows by cursor
  • Blocking the schema maximization in full-screen mode
  • Header and footer for archiving schemas in PDF format with the button function
TelWin SCADA - sterownik MBusDrv


  • Read / write double variables (float 8 bytes)
TelWin SCADA - WebInterface

TelWin WebInterface

  • Subsystem customization for changes introduced in the TelView visualization client and in web browsers


Installing the latest version of TelWin SCADA® 6.07.0 requires reinstallation of the TelWin WebInterface subsystem.

Particular attention should be paid to the subsystem-specific application pool in IIS, which must point to the .NET Framework v4.5.2 or newer.

The TelWin SCADA Eng system installers are exclusively English GUI. After installing the system, the documentation is available in the form of CHM and PDF files in Polish. The WebInterface Eng subsystem installer has an English GUI, all messages generated in the subsystem are translated into English.