TEL-STER Sp. z o.o. has been active in SCADA domain for over 15 years. The experience and insights first gained during the development of TELAS software and then TelWin SCADA software help to create solutions tailored to specific customer needs. The team of the TEL-STER experts is capable to deliver excellent products and services fulfilling clients’ expectations.

Logo systemu TelWin firmy TEL-STER Sp. z o.o.

TEL-STER Sp. z.o.o. is the owner and has exclusive rights to the Industrial Processes Visualization System TelWin SCADA. The main objective of TEL-STER Sp. z.o.o. is continuous development of TelWin SCADA and to offer the customers a wide range of support services such as training, installation, and field service. The experiences and insights gained in the software development for PLC controllers for a number of field installations, such as the gas distribution node WRGII in Gustorzyn, allow TEL-STER to offer comprehensive software solutions for a wide range of industrial automation devices. Next to the TelWin SCADA the portfolio of TEL-STER Sp. z o.o. includes a number of other successfully introduced to the market industrial automation systems, such as:

  • system for monitoring gas consumption at the electronic gas conversion point- GasWin
  • system for dispatcher’s notes - TelNOTE
  • system for gas transmission management - TelGAZ
  • system for document exchange B2B using protocol AS4 - TelCOMM
  • system for gas consumption prediction – TelPrognose
  • system for dynamic water pressure management - TelREG

In addition, the TelWin SCADA system can be integrated with the Simone simulator via TelSimone module.